Hi, I’m Mandy at Fit In Time Personal Training. If you are looking for some motivation to exercise, need to give your exercise routine a new lease of life or want to embark on a new exercise regime to achieve a personal weight loss or fitness goal without entering the world of the gym, then personal training with Fit In Time could be the perfect solution for you.

I offer one to one personal training sessions for all fitness levels, shapes, sizes, for Women and Men, from all backgrounds. My aim is to help clients achieve their own individual health and fitness goals whether that’s losing 2 stone in weight, or running a marathon. It may be something more sports specific, like improving overall performance on the football pitch to improving balance, posture and flexibility. Whatever your goal, personal training can help you achieve it.


Areas I specialise in are

  • Weight loss and nutrition
  • Fitness training and fitness testing
  • Strength training
  • Running/Marathon training
  • Circuits, speed and agility and sports specific programming
  • Body Sculpting/toning and Body Pump
  • Fitness for over Fifties
  • Post natal
  • Core stability and torso training
  • Gait and postural analysis and flexibility testing

Personal training sessions are held in my small training studio in Wokingham. I have a selection of equipment including cardio vascular equipment ( i.e exercise bike, rower, stepper) dumbbells, barbells, stability balls, medicine balls, bosu ball, steps, boxing gloves, pads and punch and speed and agility equipment. 

I can do mobile personal training sessions within the Wokingham area to suit the needs of those clients who would prefer training sessions in their own homes. Please call for details and prices. 


I offer a free consultation at which time I will discuss your goals and find out more about your requirements. This is a good time for you to ask any questions you may have about your personal training sessions, how I work or anything else you are concerned about.  

After completing a short lifestyle questionnaire and medical questionnaire you will complete a few tests including blood pressure, resting heart rate, weight, body fat, a simple cardio fitness test, strength test, and flexibility tests. These tests can be used as an indicator of your current health and fitness and used to track progress as your fitness improves. 

Once we have set your realistic and achievable goals and agreed a plan its straight to work. You will need to decide how many sessions of personal training you would like to have per week. To realistically achieve your goals a minimum of three sessions per week is recommended. However, you don’t need to have three personal training sessions per week, you may decide to have one session per week and in addition participate in two other exercise sessions per week. It all depends on your budget, time and motivation. 


Each client has their own individual training programme which is kept in their own file. Each client’s progress will be tracked through a range of different fitness tests. Sessions are varied and each session will progress slightly each week. For those clients who require it a gym programme, home workout programme or hotel workout programme can be devised so that you can exercise in addition to your personal training sessions. Again depending on your budget and requirements the workouts can include exercises using equipment or exercises using no equipment at all. Exercise equipment can be purchased through Fit In Time. 


I have always been passionate about exercise, diet and health so working in this industry suits me down to the ground. I love passing on my passion to others and helping them achieve their goals. It’s great when you meet a client for the first time, sometimes they can’t imagine themselves being fit and healthy. When you try to teach them new exercises and habits they look at you and say “yeah right, you must be mad” but its amazing to see what people can achieve in such a short time if they put their minds to it. 


I have been working in the fitness industry for 3 years. I started my training with an HND in Leisure Management. I then went on to take more specific personal training qualifications with Future Fit training. I have worked as a Fitness Instructor and full time Personal Trainer for Leisure Connection, Holmes Place and Virgin Active Health clubs.

I also teach body pump and aerobics.  


My Qualifications and Industry Memberships

• UEL accredited certificate in Personal Training, Future Fit Training 
• UEL accredited certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management, Future Fit Training 
• NVQ Gym Instruction, Future Fit Training 
• RSA Exercise to Music, Future Fit Training 
• Register of Exercise Professionals, Level 3 
• National Register of Personal Trainers 
• I hold full insurance, CPR and First Aid certificates 


I enjoy running, dancing and boxing. Don’t be scared I’m a dizzy blonde at heart!

When I’m not exercising, I enjoy traveling and holidays, spending time (and money!) shopping, in the pub with friends, singing karaoke and eating out at Indian restaurants (even personal trainers indulge in the odd naan bread every now and then!). 


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