Why choose personal training?

Most people have a health and fitness goal, or if not then usually there is something about their, size, shape or lifestyle they would like to change. If your goal is to drop a dress size, compete in a marathon, tone up the wobbly bits or really take your fitness to the next level then personal training could be ideal for you. 


Knowing where to start and having the motivation to go at it alone is usually the biggest barrier. If you find it hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, or get bored of always doing the same routine, then having a personal trainer can really give you that new lease of life. Personal training keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. Sessions are always varied and fun (yes exercise really can be fun!) so you wont get bored easily. As a bonus you always have somebody to train with and talk to whilst you are working out! 

Hitting a Plateau 

It’s common to set out on a weight loss plan, loose a few pounds then hit a plateau, finding it almost impossible to shift those extra few pounds to reach your desired goal. Knowing how to break this plateau is the key and with the advice of a personal trainer you really can do this.

When you work out with a personal trainer you always work harder, without danger of over doing it, than when you are alone, ultimately burning more calories and more fat. 
Safety first 

All exercise sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. When you exercise under the supervision of a personal trainer you can be sure that you are performing the exercises safely and correctly without risk of injury. 

With the knowledge and expertise of a personal trainer you will get to know what you actually need to do to achieve your goals in terms of diet and exercise. For example, how many times a week you need to exercise, what intensity you should be exercising at, what types of food you should be eating.  

You will also find out what types of exercise work best for you, and be kept up to date with the latest fitness trends.





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