How long will it take to see/feel a difference?
You should begin to see changes after six weeks. 
You could feel better immediately!
How often should I exercise? 
It depends how quickly you want to get results, but generally at least 3 times a week is recommended. 
What shall I wear to the sessions? 
A good pair of comfortable, supportive trainers and loose clothing.

Can I train with a friend or partner? 
Yes. Please call for details and prices. 
Can I exercise whilst I'm pregnant? 
Yes, I have pre and post natal training. The sessions will be specially adapted for you. You must have permission from your doctor, and complete a disclaimer form before participation.  
Do I have to be fit to start personal training?
No! Personal training is for all fitness levels. Personal training will improve your fitness.

Which days of the week can I have my session/s? 
Monday - Saturday          

What times of day can I train?
Between 7am-10pm

How do I pay? 
Cash or cheque. 
When do I pay? 
You can pay as you go at the end of each session for single sessions or 
pay in advance for blocks of sessions.

How do I pay for classes? 
Classes will generally be during school term times, and we will offer you the option of purchasing a discounted pass for the whole of the term. 
What if I am sick or have to cancel a session at short notice? 
Cancellations less than 24 hours must be paid for at the full rate.  


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