Sam from Wokingham
I love chocolate. I like food. I am not ashamed to admit that I like a glass of wine (or two!) and had managed to escape the gym phenomenon that had consumed most of my friends. 

I also had a bit of a challenge – I was diagnosed with Vaso Vegal Syncopie which meant that I fainted when I exercised. Between this and the long hours I work together with many other valid-ish excuses I was unfit and tired with very limited fitness. I also had a goal – I was in the throes of planning a wedding & really wanted to look and feel my best. 

My first session made a huge difference to how I exercised – there is real freedom in doing as you are told by someone who knows what they are talking about. I also noticed immediate differences in how I looked and felt in myself. At the same time as the exercising, Mandy and I discussed diet & how to compliment the good work I was undertaking.

The end result was I lost a stone and a half in weight, dropping from a dress size 14 to a size 10 which I had always wanted to be! My wedding day was wonderful & I felt proud of the changes I had made to my body – that I had really achieved what I set out to do. 

I feel like a different person – stronger, more confident and I now really enjoy my sessions with Mandy. It is my “Me-time” that I depend on to keep me sane when I have a very stressful job, with long hours and busy weekends! 

My health issues have changed too. I have not fainted while training with Mandy – a regular occurrence previously – and I can wear clothes now that I did not ever look at before. 

I would recommend PT with Mandy to ANYONE – it is hard to keep motivated when it comes to exercise and healthy living. We all fall “off the wagon” from time to time. Spending time with Mandy ensures that the exercises you are doing are right for you and will get the results you want.

Nick from Twyford

I began regularly Personal Training with Mandy from August last year. My initial requirement was for weight loss prior to a holiday in October and I asked Mandy to help me lose 7-8 pounds. By the beginning of October I had lost 14lbs through a combination of exercise programmes and dietary recommendations, far exceeding my expectations.  

Last weekend I completed the Wokingham Half Marathon, achieving a personal ambition I have held for many years (but never seriously contemplated actually doing until last December). Following one of our regular progress reviews, Mandy suggested that I could use my training sessions to realise this ambition and set the Wokingham race as a focal point of our sessions. 

I was very impressed by the comprehensive and coordinated approach that she took in preparing me for the race. I hadn ’t appreciated the planning that would go into getting ready for such an event. For some reason, I had assumed I would just be told to incrementally increase treadmill mileage. She tailored an individual programme specifically for me, incorporating both variable distance road running as well as gym based resistance and muscle developing work to compliment the running. In addition to this she also provided essential advice about correct running shoes (what I should look for when buying etc.) explaining leg and foot muscle physiology in layman’s terms and how they were impacted when running. She also provided dietary advice for both long-term and build-up to the race. 

Whilst this in itself is credit to her abilities as a Personal Trainer, what really impressed and what I appreciated most was her efforts and commitment on the day of the race itself above and beyond the regular duties of a Personal Trainer. Having run many half-marathons herself and consistently improved on her own finishing time, she ran the entire race alongside me, offering support, encouragement and motivation throughout the thirteen miles. She sacrificed achieving a personal best time to remain with me until the finishing line, even insisting that I crossed the line in front of her! We completed the race well within our target time of 2-hours 15-minutes, coming in at 2-hours 3-minutes, again exceeding my goal and expectation of our preparation.  

I would thoroughly recommend Mandy as an outstanding Personal Trainer to anybody. She does a excellent job and offers an outstanding service. She literally went the extra mile (or thirteen miles!) to help me achieve both my PT goal as well as a personal ambition to complete a half-marathon.  


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